Interiors renewal with use of wood and marble.

marble sink dug

Interiors renewal with use of wood and marble.


The Canadian study “Scott and Scott” has “revived” the inside of a middle ‘900 property, located in the north of Vancouver; adding simple wooden surfaces and marble details.
Scott & Scott hoped to create a connection between the property and its setting ( an area of ​​woodland at the base of Grouse Mountain ); so they chose to update the interiors, using wood that will visibly change with wear.


wood and marble

The design project is an alteration with great respect for the original details and for the location of the structure. The materials used are traditional and acquire over time visible signs of use.

wood and marble 2

The walls of the living spaces were stripped before being covered with a natural white lime. In the main hall, the original scale was replaced with an open staircase in steel and black spruce.

Scott & Scott

They made a few changes on the ground floor, with blocks that were used to separate the living area with the kitchen and entrance. In the kitchen, an ash cabinet was used to create an “open storage” for the owner’s collection of ceramics.

marble sink dug

In the kitchen there is a custom made gigantic master marble countertop of 800 kg, that extends along the entire length of the wall, with a sink dug in the top. The monolith of marble was carved from a block that has been selected from a quarry on Vancouver Island near the house.
The study of interior consists of husband and wife, David and Susan Scott, they implemented a project in keeping with the setting and atmosphere.

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