Silestone, engineered stone specialists in kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

The world’s leading quartz surface manufacturer! A supplier who offers unique properties and characteristics as standard. Provides 25 years warranty for all Silestone quartz surfaces.

Made of 94% natural quartz making it extremely hard and resilient engineered stone. It has anti-bacterial protection, the first and only quartz worktop containing this.  Silestone has hygienic properties that are unique on the market and makes it a perfect material for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and various areas where cleanliness is of high concern.

Silestone allows new concepts and spaces to be created with cutting edge design, thanks to its wide range of colours and finishes, resistance and flexibility. It has extraordinary textures and outstanding properties. The original brand for a new kind of surface, it is the market leader with the biggest share of quartz worktops for kitchens as well as bathroom surfaces.

Suede is a new Silestone sensation

It offers something for all our senses due to it’s revolutionary texture, never before seen in quartz surfaces. The new extra matte finish of Silestone enhances work surfaces thanks to its velvety texture which is pleasing both to the eye and hand.  Suede introduces a more intense colour and even greater performance against stains and fingerprints.  Suede is created from an exclusive development process that makes it a superior technological product.

Suede extra-matte finish

The Nebula Alpha series

Presents a new range of colours inspired by life on Earth, by the unexpected beauty of nature, soft deep and balanced.

Nebula Alpha Series

The ECO Line Colour Series

Is part of their quest for sustainability. They gather waste materials that we are all surrounded by to create a product with a composition of 50% recycled materials.  Glass, porcelain, vitrified ashes and water are reused to breath new life into something that had previously expired.


Demand a genuine Silestone worktop and reject all imitations!

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