Types of Carrara Marble from Ordinary white to dark Bardiglio.

Types of Carrara Marble from Ordinary white to dark Bardiglio.

When it comes to Carrara marble often imagines a single variety of stone; we usually recognize only the white Statuario and the Ordinary white marble.
Actually, from the mountains of Carrara, are extracting different types of marble, with characteristics of chemical structure and color variations.

Carrara marble quarry

Carrara marble quarry

The main types are:


Ordinary white Carrara marble

Ordinary white Carrara marble


It’s the more extracted quality of marble in Carrara quarries, representing more than 50% of production. It is recognized from the color of the white background and by the limited amount of veining.


Carrara Statuario marble

Carrara Statuario marble

The production of statuary is much lower than the ordinary white and is around 5%. The grain of this variety is very fine, with a white color tending to ivory. The veins are very few or absent. In the presence of found more pronounced veining of Statuario, we are talking about Statuario Venato.


Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble

The background color and texture are always those of white statuary, with a few centimeters wide veins that chromatically can vary from light gray to pale yellow, sometimes greenish. It’s one of the rarest and precious kinds of marble.




Carrara Bianco Venato



It’s similar to ordinary white for the background color, has more veining oriented in a preferred direction (toward the spot).




Arabescato Carrara marble

There are not many Arabescato marbles extracted in Carrara’s quarries. The background is white, the veins are usually light grey, and tend to be intertwined. In some varieties, such as “BROUILLE“, the plot is so thick as to highlight the white background in a particular way.




Carrara Cremo marble

This marble is very valuable and produced in very limited quantities. The background color is white to yellowish. The grain is fine or medium-fine grain, not often present, are usually very thin and gray-yellowish.

In Carrara’s quarryes are not only extract white marble, as well as darker, such as Bardiglio and Nuvolato Apuano. The extraction of these type is very low, at around 3% compared to total production.


Bardiglio dark Carrara marble

Bardiglio dark Carrara marble


The Bardiglio has a grey color background, with dark grey veins very pronounced and irregular interlaced.


Nuvolato Apuano


The Nuvolato Apuano have also a grey color, but the veins are much more light and usually oriented in a single direction.



Carrara marble is a material suitable for flooring and stairs, for top, for cladding and for any other use such as kitchen counter tops, interior and exterior design.

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  3. Linda Pope says

    Bianco Carrara is the least expensive and most common of the Carrara marbles. Not all marbles are white, grey with light yellow shade. Two marbles are variable, Arabesco is grey veins and used in tiles and counters for dramatic effect and Cipollino marbles are green with grey and white veins. Carrara marble is a luxury stone worldwide and can be used for kitchen and bathroom both traditionally and contemporary. The size can be slabs or tiles based on user requirements.